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[Cisco] High Touch Engineer
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** Adecco Korea(www.adecco.co.kr) "세계 아웃소싱 NO.1 아데코그룹" 한국지사로 1997 설립된 종합 인재관리 서비스 회사입니다. 아데코 코리아는 인재파견, 아웃소싱, 헤드헌팅, 전직지원 서비스 분야에서 최상의 서비스를 제공하고 있으며, 국내 세계적으로 네트워크망을 구축하고 세분화된 업무 영역으로 모든 고객과 협력업체의 만족을 위해 노력한 결과 "2008 노동부 지정 우수파견업체" 선정되었습니다. 인력 서비스 분야의 진정한 리더를 목표로 저희 아데코 코리아는 진정한 성공의 파트너로서 헌신하고, 기업으로 하여금 핵심역량을 보유할 있도록 최선을 다할 것을 약속 드립니다. 감사합니다. **



시스코 시스템즈 코리아 (Cisco Systems Korea)


What You’ll Do

You will be part of a dynamic, fast paced and supportive team that will build you up as you manage the technical support for some of Cisco’s biggest customers. You will be given the opportunity to work alongside many of Cisco’s Technical Services organizations and will receive unique insight into the IT services industry all the way from pre-sales to day 2 support as a High Touch Engineer (HTE) focused on some of Cisco’s key customers.


Who You’ll Work With

Technical Services is team of world-class technical experts whose #1 focus is to help customers deploy and operate their networks effectively while delivering the best possible customer experience. Our success is validated through outstanding financial results, increasing customer satisfaction metrics, industry recognition, and employee satisfaction scores. The successful candidate will be trained in-house and will work side by side with seasoned engineers.


Who You Are

The function of a High Touch Engineer (HTE) helps customers maximize network availability and functionality to achieve their business goals. The HTE delivers the technologies, solutions and services to customers in need to expertly manage their networks.


In this role, you will be “Cisco’s face to the customer,” working in a fast-paced, high-impact environment as a visible contributor delivering on our commitments. We are looking to recruit a candidate keen to develop further their career in networking, who is not afraid of change, and eager to grasp complex challenges. This is an opportunity for someone who possesses patience, empathy for customers, and the wish to hone skills whilst providing customer value.


Find more about us: http://www.cisco.com/c/ko_kr


[채용 포지션]

High Touch Engineer (-차장급)



* Develop and maintain strong relationship with customer and other Cisco teams

* Build relationship with customer to understand in a better way their networks to provide quicker and more effective results to their requests

* Establish Technical Relationship to support customer network operations

* Possess detailed knowledge of customer network, critical sites, operating procedures as agreed upon with customer

* Customer-specific designated support at network level to resolve and debug complex networking problems

* Escalation support for critical network outages and complex network issues

* Proactively monitor and review the progress of all customer cases and engage as necessary

* Root Cause Analysis (RCA) on escalated or reoccurring issues (problems) as necessary

* Attend case review calls to drive resolution on reactive break/fix issues

* Technical input/contribution to QBR and other customer direct engagements

* On-call requirement for high severity escalations

* On-site requirement as needed



* BA/BS qualified (IT, Comp Science, Electrical Engineering is preferred)

* Cisco certifications are preferred (CCIE, etc.)

* Experience on Cisco Technology/Product/Solutions(R&S, DC, Security, etc.)

* You’ve been working for 6-8 years since graduating with your latest degree



* A creative, positive and proactive can-do attitude and a willingness to learn new technologies, processes and procedures

* No personal technology religion, but a desire to become the expert of the customer’s technologies

* Ability to work in a fast-paced, high-pressured, cross functional, cross country, territory and theatre environment

* Ability to work as a team player and to work with minimal supervision

* Demonstrate high-level of maturity and confidentiality

* Attention to detail and stellar interpersonal skills

* Possess strong presentation and communications skills

* Have strong time management skills



- 서류 전형

- 면접 전형


- 근무지: 서울시 강남구 삼성동

- 근무시간: ~ / 오전 9 ~ 오후 6

- 급여: 5000만원 중반 (면접 경력 협의)

- 고용형태: 아데코 코리아 소속의 파견 계약직 1 (업무 평가에 따라 최대 3년간 계약직 근무 정규직 전환 가능성 높음)

국 영문 이력서 경력기술서 (워드파일) 파일로 작성 , 이메일 지원 바랍니다



이메일상담 web@netpro.co.kr


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